• Your partners in growth.

    We are a distributor and agency based in Japan. Our mission is to introduce unique and wonderful products from overseas to the Japanese market and maximize its sales by collaborating with the producers.

  • Philosophy

    We put the priority on protecting your brand and the value of the product as well, and focus on expanding sales continuously. In order to achieve this, we are always open to the producers for deep discussion and cooperate to decide/execute the best sales strategy.

  • Our strength:

    Your competitive edge.

    Website creation

    We are capable to sell your product by creating an appropriate website for each product.

    Gather customers

    We make the most of SNS to attract customers, and also, our advertising professionals will find the best target to appeal to the right customer range.

    EC sales

    We posess the expertise to maximize sales on our own website.

    Exhibition participation and BtoB sales

    We will participate in exhibitions across Japan on your behalf and develop BtoB sales channels for you.

    Use Crowdfunding

    In the case of products having the latest technologies, we will conduct premarketing using the most suitable platform.


    We support not on translation from your local language to Japanese, but also the acquisition of trademarks, TELEC, PSE, and other certifications.
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  • Contact Us

    Please feel free to contact us if you're interested in launching a new business in the Japanese market:   We're happy to talk with you on Skype/Zoom as well!